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    Increase your bookings; decrease your workload

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    Customers look, book & pay.
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Key Features

myChaletBooking makes running your ski chalet business much easier. It's an online booking system that will free you from admin; saving you time so you can concentrate on your customers and enjoy the slopes.

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Increase your bookings,
not your workload

Save time on administrative tasks
The customer completes the details of their booking on the web. This information is immediately available on your control panel. This allows you to manage the booking & share the information with your team without duplication or further admin.

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Instant financial reports

One glance is all it takes
myChalet Booking takes reservations, deposits & final payments automatically. It generates reports on payment stages, transfers & ski passes at the click of a button whilst you remain fully in control and informed.

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Access on any device

Anytime, Anyplace, Anywhere
myChaletBooking works across the web; it can be accessed anytime, anywhere. Bookings can be made, payments accepted and confirmations sent whilst you are sleeping or even on the slopes!.

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How it works

  • Take bookings on your website

For your business

Take bookings on your website

Seemless integration
myChaletBooking integrates perfectly with your website putting your online brochure to work by taking bookings, payments & talking to customers - without any loss of control or commissions to pay.

Market your chalets & apartments

Complete brand control
You can promote chalets from within the booking system. Advertise availability, attach branded brochures, photos & floor plans.

Oversee booking statuses & payments

One glance is all it takes!
With just one glance you can see exactly where each booking is in terms of payment & confirmation. You can manage each booking from one central place, send individual emails and share information with your team.

Keep in touch & manage customer accounts

One click interaction
All standard communication tools can be set up, personalised & automatically sent when required. Accounts are instantly created giving you direct access to party members, tranfers, extras, invoices & emails.

Pre-order ski passes and other extras

Offer more & remember less.
myChaletBooking let's you offer more... automatically prompting customers to buy ski passes & save money in the process. No need to remember who requested what, it's all recorded for you.

Reports, payments, transfers, ski passes

Instant financial reports
Generate reports on payments; upcoming transfers & ski passes at the click of a button. Check financial performance, occupancy and see which chalets are performing best.

For your customers

Browse chalets on your website

Customers browse your chalets (either on your website or myChaletBooking) and can book at anytime, anyplace, anywhere. You can provide real-time availability, chalet details, photographs, descriptions & floorplans. All information can be easily refreshed at anytime.

Book, hold or enquire

Decide how your customers book your chalets
It is easy for customers to hold a chalet (take an 'option'), giving them time to talk to party members and make the final decision. myChaletBooking will automatically reserve the chalet and help you keep in touch until the booking is confirmed.
Your customers have options & you have peace of mind.

Online payments & installments

Convenient & secure for all.
myChaletBooking provides a personal account for your customers to take payments & relevant customer information. Customers receive automated invoices, payment reminders & payment confirmations. Based in the cloud, payments can be taken at your customers convienence 24/7, whilst you are sleeping or on the slopes!

Customers do the work for you

No risk of mistakes
Your customers have control over their booking information. From spelling their name correctly, to ensuring their transfer time is correct, it's all available from within their account. You're both in control, with the full picture & peace of mind for all.

Automated invoices & bookings

Payments without the hassle
Customers pay securely online, (offline too) & receive invoices & booking confirmations at the appropriate times. Credit card surcharges are added automatically. You get paid the right amount at the right time, and at your customers convience.

Pre-order, promote & upsell extras!

Ski Passes added instantly
myChaletBooking makes it easy for customers to buy extras. Complicated Ski Passes can be ordered & paid for, & organised instantaneously. You can offer transfers paid-for or special requests. It's all possible with myChaletBooking.

  • Browse chalet on your website

Pricing Guide

myChaletBooking is totally flexible, you can pay monthly or annually whatever suits you best!

myChaletBooking Express

£15 per chalet* per month

no contract / no set up fee / cancel any time

Up to 14 beds per chalet

myChaletBooking Pro

£30 per chalet* per month

£995 set up / cancel any time

Up to 14 beds per chalet

myChaletBooking is available in 2 packages.

Express is perfect for small companies who want to show booking and availability information and allow customers to enquire on line. Pro is ideal for those who want to offer the fully integrated experience to their customers and take/receive online payments

Got Questions? Good, because we've got answers.


 What is myChaletBooking?

myChalet Booking is a web-based booking management system that integrates into your existing website. It is both customer facing and business side, allowing guests to view, hold, book and pay for your chalets whilst you oversee their booking arrangements, payments, communications   view reports.

 What are the benefits?

The primary benefits of myChaletBooking are saving time and peace of mind. As everything is automated, integrated and in real time there is little to no risk of any mistakes or oversights. It all just happens. Making the whole process easier   less time consuming for everyone.

 Main features?

Online bookings / payments for chalets, ski passes   transfers
Integrations with your existing website At-a-glance booking & status view
Individual, branded chalet profiles
Customer accounts with export to CRM
Season & calendar setup
Customisable, automated correspondence
Upsell; Offer ski passes, transfers etc
Financial, ski passes and transfer reports

 Can I customise it?

Green, blue and red customers can customised MyChaletBooking in the following way:
Brand colours and logo
Set your own seasons
Create your own chalet profile pages
Customise your own communication templates
Set your own accommodation types
Create individual chalet managers
Set your own booking states
Create checklists

 Why do I need it?

Currently your bookings have to be processed, it is taking you time and costing you money. You have to remember to bring all the customer & booking information together and make sure there are no mistakes. This is time consuming, frustrating and relies on your memory and meticulous organisation. MyChaletBooking puts the information into the hands of the people who need it - not just bookings and payments but the business as a whole. A business tool that's improves efficiency, relieving the stress & offering peace of mind.

 What hardware do I need?

The beauty of MyChaletBooking is that it will run on a simple laptop or tablet. You just need a computer connected to the Internet and away you go! The latest web browsers are recommended & MyChaletBooking works with Internet Explorer, Safari, FireFox and Chrome.

 Future features?

There are always new modules in development and we welcome suggestions for new ones. We have a few new others we would rather like to surprise you with.

Security & Payments

 Is it safe?

Very! The servers that we use are protected by the very latest in cloud security. And we provide SSL certificates for just that.

 How much does it cost?

MyChaletBooking costs £400 per chalet every year for Green package - £350 per chalet per year for Blue package and £300 per year for Red package. To fully customise MyChaletBooking we need to talk to you first. Then, we would produce a specification of your requirements, including a budget breakdown.

 How do I pay?

There is an up-front setup fee whilst ongoing fees can be paid monthly of annually.


 Where are you based?

We are based in Bradford-on-Avon, near Bath in England.

 How do I contact you?

Email, skype, and telephone - you can find our contact details here

 What if I need help?

Simply get in touch. Email is best, or we can talk on Skype or phone too - we will be there to support you all the way.

 Setup support?

We will set up MyChaletBooking for you. We will work with you to make sure that it is customised to your needs and you are fully trained on how to use it.

 What training do you provide?

MyChaletBooking is very intuitive to use, but if you are not familiar with web applications or Content Management Systems they can seem a little daunting. So we will provide you with training at the beginning with telephone, web & Skype support from our development team.


Companies using myChaletBooking

"Intuitive and flexible - superb!"
"A great app which aids our company and the clients manage their holidays easily"

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