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How does myChaletBooking chalet booking system work?

Increase Your Sales And Decrease Your Workload With myChaletBooking

Pictured: Chalet Hermine, Ski Basics

Key Features of myChaletBooking

My Chalet Booking makes running your ski chalet business much easier.
It’s an online booking system that will free you from admin; saving you time so you can concentrate on your customers and enjoy the slopes.

Live Availability

Book & Pay Online

All In One Place

Booking System Features:

Customer facing features

  •  Live availability calendar – show availability by room or chalet or both
  • Ability for customers to book / hold a chalet or rooms online 24/7
  • Ability for customers to hold & enquire about a room or chalet 24/7
  • Customer client area ‘My Account’
  • Ability for customer to update booking online
  • Summary of bookings available at click of button
  • Takes payments & deposits online
  • Customers able to book ski passes online
  • Customers able to book extras such as transfers
  • Allows customers to manage their booking, adding notes regarding their holiday i.e. allergies etc.
  • Mobile friendly
  • Customer facing ‘availability’ button links to simple availability calendar
  • Customer facing availability calendar & payment portal integrated into the website

Business facing features

  • Backend at a glance pricing and availability
  • Manage group leaders/ see history of previous bookings
  • Easy to create calendars and seasons and set up chalets
  • Choose whether you book/hold or enquire only option
  • Automated communication with clients
  • Create notes on clients only visible from back end to managers etc.
  • In-depth reports on customers; transfers; financials; and ski passes
  • Simple reports on transfers & ski passes
  • Easy to upload chalets
  • Content management of general pages/ information for guests
  • Multiple users/ different levels of users owner/ manager
  • Complete history of all group leaders
  • Fully integrated front end, blends seamlessly into your own website with brand colours and logos
  • Simple front end with white background & logo – linked through customers ‘availability’ button

How It Works

For Your Business

How It Works

For Your Customers

Increase your bookings & not your workload today

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